Food and nutrition have been around for many years. I am an academic lecturer with a PhD degree from the Faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumer Sciences of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences-SGGW. You will find information on my education and experience on my Linkedin profile, while access to my publications on GoogleScholar.

I conduct classes and lectures for students in design, commodity and sensory analysis of food, functional food, dietetic, gluten-free and traditional foods. I also deal with new trends in food production. I am an expert in sensory analysis, ie. I evaluate the appearance, smell, taste, consistency and quality of food products. Based on my experience, I can say why a food product or dish is tastier than others. I work with industry and advise companies when developing recipes for marketed products.



I am also Dean’s plenipotentiary for international cooperation. My goal is to create the best conditions for academic staff and students to broaden their knowledge and gather international experience. I love getting to know people and their stories. Thanks to my openness and curiosity of the world, studies and internships abroad I have friends in many corners of the world.



I like to share my knowledge. I lead, among others. „Conscious consumer food market” workshop, which aims to raise consumer awareness about food and nutrition. In my lectures and workshops, over 1,000 people have attended the event, including children, youth and seniors.




I travel for tastes from all over the world and I describe my experiences on Fanpage, Instagram and BlogI have been leading an educational food and nutrition blog for several years already. Because I am a mom, I have decided to describe how to instill good eating habits in children and how easy it is to prepare healthy and tasty meals at home for the whole family. I also write about food and food news, definitions, inspirations, recipes and cooking advice. I inform about events and culinary travels. I also explain how to pay attention to the most important nutrition information, because not everyone has the time to explore this knowledge. In the inflow of many information it is difficult to choose what is really good and healthy for you. I try to communicate this knowledge in an easy way by combining theory with practice.

Please note that the health and wellbeing of your and your family depends to a great extent on what you eat. It is not worth eating anything but food should make you happy. I invite you to taste my blog 🙂

Also, on my Instagram profile, you will find product reviews from around the world. Being an expert in sensory analysis, I value their quality on a scale of 0 to 10. The products I put the highest rating on are the true feast for the senses, the highest quality products, the well-designed recipe. I encourage you to try them during your culinary journey.







I also like cooking, experimenting, blending flavors, and my two sons are indispensable in the kitchen. I like to design not only food but also interior. I am an interior designer and I have had several successful implementations.

As I mentioned earlier, I really like people, spend time with them and help them, so I am Honorary blood donor and mentor at the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Poland Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to help children who are having difficulties fulfilling their potential and changing their lives for the better by providing a safe and lasting relationship with their mentor.

If you want me to change your life for the better, to inspire, I invite you to my site, to the workshop and to follow the blog, you will also find out about my further interests, and there are a few more 🙂






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